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10 June 1880, Yvelines, France -

8 September 1954, Garches, France

Having devoted himself to painting in the 1920s, during the 1930s André Derain started to make more sculptures and even set up primitive furnaces in his garden just before World War II. Afterwards he modelled some medallions in terracotta, which remain in the family's possession, which were later cast in bronze.

In the later 1940s Derain designed 10 sculptural jewels for his wife, which he made from the lead he had recycled from empty paint-tubes. Derain intended for six of these jewels to made in 23ct gold by his great friend and goldsmith, François Hugo, each in an edition of six, but he  died tragically in a road accident in 1954 before this happened, with Hugo making the editions  afterwards in 1966 and 1967.