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10 June 1904, Fabriano, Italy -

21 November 1986, Arcevia, Italy

Edgardo Mannucci was a pupil of Quirico Ruggeri and in the second half of the 1930s collaborated with the Futurist Enrico Pramplini. By the end of the 1940s he was highly regarded for his sculptures made from poor materials and was one of the first to directly solder metal with the flame. He would create abstract openwork forms by weaving foils and slag bronze that he further embellished with inlays of coloured glass.

Mannucci first started among gold and silver jewellery decorate with coral and turquoise in the late 1940s that followed the same abstract forms as his sculptures, and later in 1957 took up the invitation to make jewels for Mario Masenza in Rome along with other artists including Afro and Mirko Basaldella, Franco Canilla, and Giuseppe Uncini.

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