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Pietro ANNIGONI (1910-1988)

Gold Gorgan Head-Band, c. 1955

Unique head-band made in 18ct yellow gold, the shaped ribbon with cut and folded edges and repoussé decoration with an egg and dart border and in the centre with the head of a gorgon inset with green garnet eyes. To the left there is a fish and a scallop shell, and to the right, a bud and flower spray, and at each end a silver-gilt section also decorated in repoussé. The interior with a silver rod, toothed at both ends to grip the hair.

Marks: signed in repoussé with his cipher 'ann' at one end, and with an illegible legend at the other.

Dimensions: D. 14.5 cm; H. 3.5 cm

Provenance: Juanita Forbes, London

Literature: Martine Newby Haspeslagh, Jewels of the Italian Modern Masters, Didier Ltd, London 2015, p. 23, no. 25

Juanita Forbes was Pietro Annigonsi's muse and lover. In 1955 he painted a tempura on wood panel portrait of her holding an egg-timer and with classical ruins in the distance.

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