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ARMAN Fernandez (1928-2005)

Boxed Set of Eight Gold Pendants, 1980s

Eight 18ct gold pendants, three further embellished with polychrome enamel decoration, in a large presentational box with a facsimile signature on the lid. The pendants include Long Term Parking in plain gold and also with the cars highlighted in enamel, two Pinceaux with gold paint brushes and brushed highlighted in blue enamel, two Tubes with two rows of gold or red and orange enamel paint tubes; Dollar, a sliver 20 dollar coin in Perspex, and Violins with three gold parted violins. Designed by Arman and produced by Pierre Hugo for Stéphane Klein.

Marks: all the pendants signed Arman, numbered 19/25 or 19/50 (for Long Term Parking), and impressed with French 18ct gold hallmarks.

Dimensions: Box 46 x 30 x 7 cm

Literature: C. Siaud and P. Hugo, Bijoux d'artistes. Hommage à François Hugo orfèvre, Aix-en-Provence 2001, pp. 210-15; Martine Newby Haspeslagh, Art to Wear. Jewellery by Post-War Painters and Sculptors, Didier Ltd, London 2012, pp. 10-11, no. 6; Idem, Jewelry as Sculpture as Jewelry, Didier Ltd, London 2013, pp. 12-13, no. 10

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