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Georges BRAQUE

18 May 1882, Argenteuil, France -

31 August 1963, Paris, France

In 1961, while mediating in front of his painting Tête greque, Braque had the idea to put a small photograph of it onto a piece of cardboard, which he placed on his finger, thinking that it could be made into a cameo. He was subsequently introduced to the lapidary and jeweller Heger de Lôwenfeld, who came to produce a ring for Mme Braque's 80th birthday. Lôwenfeld then presented Braque with his own ring, Metamorphose d'Eros on the occasion of his 81st birthday and which he wore until his death.

Thus Braque came to devote the last two years of his life to designing jewellery with Lôwenfeld, in a working relationship so close the Braque referred to Lôwenfeld as the 'extension of my hands'. Together they created 113 jewels, each given a mythological name by Lôwenfeld. On Braque's death in 1963, Lôwenfeld inherited all the rights of production of these jewels in limited editions of 75, although he too died before these was completed.

Works for sale

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