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19 February 1899, Rosario, Argentina -

7 September 1968, Varese, Italy

Lucio Fontana created his first jewels in the studio of Arnaldo and Giò Pomodoro in Milan where he wold punch holes into previously prepared gold sheets with a rusty nail that he carried in his pocket. He also collaborated with the Pomodoro brothers on a small number of jewels that were shown in an exhibition of Italian artist jewellery held in Neiman Marcus, Dallas, in 1960 organised by Odyssia Skouraz of the Odyssia Gallery, Rome.

In 1967 Giancarlo Montebello and his wife Teresa Pomodoro, approached Fontana inviting him to participate in their project to produce artist jewellery, GEM Montebello. THe thing was fortuitous as Fontana had already made several sketches of jewellery and together they produced four designs: Anti-Sofia necklace, Concetto Spaziale bracelet, Ellisse con fori concept spaziale and Ellisse con taglio conetto spaziale cuffs.

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FONTANA - Pierced Pendant