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25 October 1881, Málaga, Spain -

8 April 1973, Mougins, France

Pablo Picasso first made unique jewels from objets troves that he further embellished for Dora Maar, Françoise Gilot, and other girlfriends. It was while he was staying at Golfe Juan that Picasso first visited the Madoura Pottery run by the Ramie family in Vallauris on 21st July, 1946. On that day Picasso made tow pieces in the pottery and collected them the following year. Periodically from then on until 1971 he would come to relax by making pots and a few small terracotta jewels.

It was his dentist, Dr Philippe Châtagnier who intrigued Picasso with the possibility of working in precious metals by casting a gold tooth in front of him. They made several jewels together in the 1950s.

Later for his own personal gratification, Picasso had some of his large Madoura pottery dishes made into silver and gold by François Hugo. It was only in September 1967 that he gave Hugo the right to execute a limited number, allowing four silver compotes and four gold sculptures to be included in Atelier François Hugo exhibition at Le Point Cardinal, Paris. He then allowed jewels of these compotes to be produced in editions of 20, and a large Masque pendant, but all the gold medallions, miniatures of the larger platters and given the same names, however, were made after Picasso died.

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