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Alexander CALDER (1898-1976)

Brass Hair Comb,  c. 1940

Unique hand hammered brass hair comb formed from five separate lengths of brass wire, which were flattened and then shaped to form three narrow loops, one wider loop, and a horizontal bar with typical spiral ends. All the pieces were then riveted together to form a rigid comb with eight prongs.

Marks: signed with SC monogram and registered in the Archives of the Calder Foundation under no. A 16810

Dimensions: H. 11.5 cm; W. 15.5 cm

Exhibited: Willard Gallery, New York, 1940

Literature: Martine Newby Haspeslagh, Art to Wear. Jewellery by Post-War Painters and Sculptors, London 2012, p. 20, no. 18

From an illustrated inventory notebook of 1940 it is known that the original selling price of this hair comb was $40 (cf. Alexander S.C. Rower and Holton Rower, Calder Jewelry, New Haven 2007, p. 75).

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