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Alexander CALDER (1898-1976)

Silver Cufflinks, c. 1940 

Unique pair of hand-hammered silver cufflinks for French cuffs.

Marks: unsigned, but registered in the Archives of the Calder Foundation under no. A22874

Dimensions: 3 x 1 x 1.5 cm

Literature: Martine Newby Haspeslagh, Sculpture to Wear. Jewellery by Post-War Painters and Sculptors, London 2010, p. 6

The cufflinks were each hand beaten from a single rod of silver with probably no more than a dozen deft blows of the hammer. Tow similar pairs made in 1940 for Calder's exhibition of jewellery and nobles in the Willard Gallery, New York, are still in possession of the family.

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