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26 April 1922, La Louvière, Belgium -

28 September 2005 Paris, France

Inspired by Alexander Calder's mobiles, Pol Bury turned away from painting to concentrate on creating kinetic and optical art in the 1960s. He created large sculptures with small balls or rods that spun, rolled, or vibrated almost imperceptibly, the movement so slow or unexpected, it is often only caught out of the corner of the viewer's eye. All these sculptures and later fountains were powered by small concealed motors but in the case of jewellery, these were replaced by the wearer themselves: 'le corps c'est mon moteur' - the brooches, pendants, rings or bracelets reacting to every subtle movement of the wearer's body.

Works for sale

BURY - Sputnik Ring

BURY | Artcurial necklace

BURY | Kinetic arcs ring

BURY | Tiges large gold pendant

Vingt-deux déni-spheres de chaque côté d'une demi-couronne, 1974

BURY | Fils d'or brooch

BURY | Hemispherical brooch

BURY | Kinetic balls ring

BURY | Octagon ring